Sunday, December 25, 2011

TMP20 and the PSoC3 - Part 1

Another part from the same TI samples bunch,the TMP20.
From the datasheet(PDF),
"The TMP20 is a CMOS, precision analog output temperature sensor available in the tiny SOT563. The TMP20 operates from –55°C to +130°C on a supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V with a supply current of 4μA. Operation as low as 1.8V is possible for temperatures between +15°C and +130°C. The
linear transfer function has a slope of –11.77mV/°C  and has an output voltage of 1.8639V (typ) at 0°C. The TMP20 has a ±2.5°C accuracy across the entire specified temperature range of –55°C to +130°C."

You may check out this video from UniTI on the same sensor.Cool.

Here is a pic of the chip(in an SC70-5 pack) soldered on a standard 0.1" strip board for prototyping.

And heres another pic with the concerned pins marked.
The idea here will be to build an Analog Temperature switch,using of course,only hardware(its the PSoC 3 after all.) and also an implementation of ADC buffering via DMA.Thats something which has been on my to-explore list,since quite some time since DMA is something new(for me),compared to the usual SPI,I2C,ADC etc blocks that I have used on other controllers as well.
I'll work on this and write another post as soon as that is complete.

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