Thursday, December 22, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - The gerbers are in!

I recently recieved the gerbers for my board,and they look great! I expect the boards soon(within a day or two now).I dont have all the components I need,but enough to test the board.
I'm currently missing the LEDs,the USB connector,22ohm resistors(why does no one keep these locally?),the 1117 and 1uF caps.I know,I have very little of the BOM.Its partly because I'm anxious to see how this goes,and only then invest more of my tiny hobby budget .Plus these parts werent available a few days ago,when I went parts hunting.
I'm putting up pictures of the gerbs below:
Top Copper:
..and heres the bottom layer
I used the free online gerber viewer at CircuitPeople,which works great.If you want to see the whole deal(with the excellon drill data superimposed,try the viewer here.)
Feel free to contact me for the files,incase youre interested in taking a stab at fabricating them.

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