Sunday, December 25, 2011

TMP20 and the PSoC3 - Part 2

Like I said,the idea is to build an analog temperature switch.While I want to use DMA some how,all an analog temperature switch needs is a comparator,and a VDAC(Calibrated ofcourse) to provide the analog value to compare with.
But a few ideas that can be introduced into this simple design are:
1.Capacitive touch based interface to set the switching temperature.
2.Temperature Tracking(via DMA?,or interrupts?) of minimum,maximum etc.
The words,'Analog Temperature Switch' bring PID among many other control features to mind,but I'm a little unclear on how I would implement such a system.I mean,setting up a hot plate,a temperature sensor and a PSoC3 wired to do PID control isnt the best thing to have on my study table.

I'll add more ideas and functionality to this as I go along designing it.

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