Saturday, December 31, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Burnt Tracks

I've populated the chip on 4/5 boards,with some issues(fine tracks came off on 2 boards) like I mentioned in the last post.Its immaterial if its my fault or the board quality wasn't up to the mark,or the iron overheated,since the end result is the same and irreversible.Well,I guess thats how we learn best,by failing.
Heres one of those cases.

I dont have any solvent to clean up that fluxy mess,need to get some.Worst part is,those two wrecked tracks are SWDIO and SWDCK,the 2 main programming lines.Thats bad,but not a big concern since the USB lines are alternatives that I still have(P15[7] is D- and SWDCK,and D+ is SWDIO).But that will need me to solder in wires temporarily to get the bootloader in.Oh well,its not a perfect world anyway.

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