About Me

This is just some info about me,incase you're wondering who actually writes all this stuff on the other pages.

I'm in my twenties and have completed an MS in Chemistry,and am studying to become an Electronics Engineer at BITS Pilani Goa Campus,India.

I like pursuing practical,real life projects that actually have some definite purpose and some level of direct use or implementation thats significant to me or other fellow humans,and not just some abstract stuff for the heck of it.My major areas of interest are Microelectronics,VLSI Design and Embedded Systems.

I'm always looking for interesting projects to contribute to,or an internship where I could further develop my skills under experienced mentors.

When I'm not studying for tests or working away at soon due assignments or watching stuff from the EEVBlog,or the TheSignalPath,I tinker about with Electronics.

I happen to have easy access to  Cypress PSoC hardware,which is why most of my work is based around it.

I maintain a github account at https://github.com/kmmankad

Feel free to drop me a line about my explorations or anything you'd like some clarification on,or just a 'Hi!'.

I can be reached via the comments on my posts,and via an email to kmmankad at gmail dot com.

Last updated 11-Jun-2012.