Saturday, December 31, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - First Pictures

After a long wait,the boards are finally in!
Here are a few pics:
Top Copper

Top Copper
Bottom Copper

I ordered 5 of these for a total price of INR 1100.I've started populating the other 4 boards,leaving this one for the pics.
A few issues,
1.I shouldve got soldermask done too.
   But then I was told that the setup cost would be ~INR 1000,so it was a no-go.
2.I shouldve used a temperature controlled thin tip iron.
   Well,what happened was,the iron overheated at one point,and burnt out a few tracks(completely,so they came off) on 2 boards,so I've lost those tracks.I'm really pissed with myself about that.

More pics as I continue working on them!

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