Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Second PCB

Many small changes and revisions later,I've got the 2nd version(Rev 5) of the PCB ready.
Changes include
-addition of a 3.3V Power regulator and a power level selection jumper.
-Ext DC Power Source connector.
-widened all power tracks to 40mils.
-shortened USB tracks,since long high speed tracks add noise.
-added a 5 pin power header(Vin,Gnd,Gnd,5 and 3.3V).
-added an external pullup to XRES,since the internal one is weak.
-fixed the header alignment.
-and a few other routing and placement errors.
Below is a board view:

and here it is rendered in 3D:

-Work on the silkscreen
-Decide on the ground plane
-Make it production ready.(DRU)

Drop a line in the comments if youre interested in the PCB files.

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