Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Hardware Revisions

Though I havent started on the first revision,I'd like to get my ideas out before I forget em :P

Initial Design -5V operation,power source USB,USB Bootloader,SWD header.
-There,I've decided the power system too. :)

Rev1 - 5,3.3V operation,Power source USB & External DC Jack as well as a "VIN",USB Bootloader,SWD header,JTAG solder-on header.

Other general Ideas I'd like to add,
-"Shields" for the Board.(Yeah,I know.Need to find a name for this design.)
-Have part of the IO pins at 5,and a part at 3.3,and remove the concept of everything at one IO level.
-More as they hit me.

So what are my plans with this?
Well,I'd like to allow fellow students like myself,a chance to purchase one of these.(No,I dont look at this as a money spinner.Thats not my current focus.).The simple reason being,that'll allow them a better chance to learn this stuff,especially if their college or institute doesn't have the required setup for such an opportunity.Plus,I hear sad stories of very poor lab access from my friends in other colleges,something which I too am deeply frustrated about.

I'm not creating an Arduino killer,but something that can be easy to use,and yet very powerful at the same time.I mean,I see the Atmel and Microchip series of MCUs,while I've not used the latter,I find the PSoC3 way better,but not so accessible.Also,I really want to go further with the PSoC,but I need some hardware too :)

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