Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Prototyping

So,with design goals and the parts decided,its time to prototype the design.

This being a 48pin SSOP chip,needs a breakout board which can be plugged into a breadboard.That done,I'll wire up the required caps,as in the Datasheet,and connect a MiniProg3 to burn in the bootloader via SWD,and then try burning a program in via USB,and wait for the blinky.Thats the rough order of events for this phase of the design.(I wonder how the pros do it...)

Before I started this,I was pondering about going to PCB stage directly,since its a straightforward design(there,I've jinxed it.).A chip,caps,a regulated supply and a 2 wire programming header.Still pondering.Any suggestions?

So far,the breakout board is done(with help from my friend Arup Basak) and heres what it looks like.
 The PCB design was made in Fritzing,since they already had a 48pin SSOP footprint that I could use.After I finalized the design,Arup etched it for me.(Update - Eagle has it too,its in the BurrBrown library.)

If youre interested in the pcb files,just leave a comment below stating the same.

 I opened a tech support ticket with Cypress about this project of mine,for which I got a really encouraging response,some interesting points,and samples of the required chip.

I'll solder the chip on,and wire the caps according to the schematic.

The next post(s) will describe the schematics involved.

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  1. Can I have the pcb file for this? Thanks
    My email is siewwaihung@gmail.com