Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Quick LCD Hack

While debugging an ongoing project,an LCD is a great way to know whats really going on inside your code.However,most ordinary HD4470 16x2 Character LCDs run on 5V,and hence arent useful if you're working on interfacing a chip or a sensor that talks at 3.3V.One solution could be buying a 3.3V LCD Panel, but if you'd like to use your existing one,
then heres a quick hack for you:

Below is the back of a regular 16x2 LCD Panel
                                                                  (click for larger versions)
To get it running at 3.3V,short the highlighted R7,by soldering a small bit of wire.
and u'll have it running at 3.3V :) ..Agreed,the contrast wont be as great,but its tolerable.


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  2. you know, this post would be a little more useful if you described what this resistor does and how you located it.
    (also, the chance that anybody has a display with the exact same pcb layout is pretty low anyway.)

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