Thursday, April 21, 2011

PSoC 3 Project Ideas

This post just details some ideas for the PSoC 3 that cross my head.
 In no specifc order,I list some ideas I plan to materialize soon :)

0.Port Stuff  from other Platforms - A lot of the designs we see online,can be made simpler,more robust,and powerful,had they been done on a PSoC.This is one game I love to play,i.e use the PSoC to outplay other platforms on their pet applications,in terms of simplicity and elegance of the design,covering speed,power consumption,expected output,whatever,purely using just a PSoC,and nothing else ;) ....anything from an AVR ISP to a PIC based function generator,the PSoC can give them a run for their money :)

1.A LC Meter - Taking inspiration from some existing designs,and the analog power of the PSoC,I think this is a good idea to excercise the analog blocks on the chip.
Build a Tank circuit,with the L,C being added depending on the other quantity being unknown,(if u wanna measure L,toggle a switch to add a C to the tank,the L being an unknown inductance connected in,and vice versa).Send the Tank's output to the PSoC,where a comparator 'square waves' the sine output from the oscillator,and then use a counter to count the frequency of that wave.Since f=1/2*pi*(LC)^0.5,and one of L or C are known already,we can compute the other.

2.A Logic Analyser(& Oscilloscope & Function Generator?) - Power and speed of the PSoC can be put to good use over USB,with this one.This stuff has already been done on other platforms,so that should help.Converting your existing board into a money saving diagnostic tool,is a good pursuit.

3.Embedded Webserver - Something that I'm currently working on,this one has limitless possibilities.

4.A Bus Pirate clone - The bus pirate is a really handy device,and looking at its feature set,making a PSoC version of it,could be a fun exercise :)

5.USB Applications - This is one side Ive not explored,and would love to,but the FTK I have(currently doesnt work :( ...and also cant do the USB bit,since its USB capable pins are routed elsewhere. ).The USBFS component opens us up to plethora of applications.A USB based anything! :)

6.Verilog On the PSoC - Something I knew only recently about,the PSoC can do Verilog.Though I dont know Verilog all that well,the PSoC offers a great chance to change that :)

7.Shields for the FTK? - For the sake of arduino-ism,this could be a neat project in PCB Design :P

8.Wireless Designs - CyFi is a great wireless solution,and throw USB,Wireless together,and the list is already too attractive.All kinds of wireless sensor networks could come to life.

9.UI stuff: Capsense + a GLCD,to make a proper menu driven UI,could be something useful across a whole range of applications.Hell,a GLCD itself holds a lot of room for exploration.

..Lots more to come,as I give them some more thought. :) with the PSoC,lots is the only measure of ideas :P

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