Saturday, April 30, 2011

PSoC 3 FTK - Prototyping friendly

The PSoC 3 FTK has a 28 pin DIP IC socket compatible pin layout below.While this can be inserted into a breadboard for prototyping,it covers a lot of breadboard area.

A few ideas to make it more prototyping friendly,

1.Replace the existing simple male headers,with double height ones,allowing access to them from the top as well as below.Though,this would then render the Wireless CyFi port inaccessible..So then, maybe half of the pins could be double height ones.

2.Make a Dev Board : Make a board with basic peripherals,like a 5 & 3.3V supply,Level shifing,UART,an LCD,push button switches etc and all the pins broken out to female headers,where the PSoC3 FTK plugs on into a 28pin socket on this board.

3.Shields : Just like the Arduino,we could have stack-able shields for the PSoC3 FTK too.I aim to finally make a PSoC 3 shield out of the Ethernet thing.

4.Have a dummy 9v battery holder,mounted face up,to which the Board can be plugged in,making it stand upright,giving easy access to both faces of the board.

I'll have pictures of these,once I have implemented em.But thats a long way right now,as the first thing I need to do,is build a small 3.3v regulated power supply,that can be neatly accommodated onto the FTK's board.

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