Wednesday, April 4, 2012

QuickPSoC3 - V2

So,I'm back,after a long pause,mainly due to my HDD crash and tests,exams and such.
Anyway,This post is about an improved QuickPSoC3 layout,
Heres a brief list of the changes:
-Longer pads(almost 3x) so it makes soldering the SSOP part easier for beginners.
-Widened power tracks to 70mils
-Arranged pins(see top-right) such that the miniprog3 can be directly plugged in,making programming easier
-The miniusb connector now is the variant without the plastic pegs beneath.
-Added one user programmable LED(in 1206) and push button switch.
-I'm not using the sparkfun library anymore,since many users complained their pads are too small to solder stuff comfortably.
Another point is that the SMD passives can be easily replaced by their through hole variants,and can be made 100% through hole,excluding of course the chip itself.

Adding a USB bootloader to this design simply involves taking the stock boot-loader in PSoC Creator 2.0(now with Component Pack 2!) and switching the device to the relevant one used.

The files are made in Eagle 6.1 Lite Edition,and can be found linked from my 4shared account here.
Linked over from the thread at PSoCDeveloper forums,here.

EDIT : An updated version is also hosted on my github repo here.