Thursday, March 8, 2012

HDD Crash = Pause in posts.

My HDD crashed many weeks back,and its still not back from the Seagate guys,which is why things have stagnated around here.

Hope it comes soon.Expect posts on:
1.SD Card Interfacing with PSoC3/5.
2.Some breakouts I made for specific devices(4Wire Touch,MicroSD and some TI Temperature sensors)
3.New,and easy to home etch PCB layout for the QuickPSoC3. Here.

4.SD Card based bootloader for PSoC3/5.(Read the program from an SD card connected on power-on,then burn & run it.)
5.FreeRTOS on PSoC5,and then maybe port Contiki too?.
6.NXP LPC 1114 Exploration and tutorial series.
7.SPI,I2C for the 89V51RD2.Maybe a 1Wire library too?
8.Python/MATLAB Script for writing to SPI EEPROMs.
9.Interfacing the CYRF6936 based wireless modules with any MCU/embedded target,i.e hardware independent drivers.
10.Wireless Bootloader?
11.An algo for dynamic Node Realization and Intercommunication in decentralized Wireless systems..
12.Generic USB HID based datalogger,PSoC3 powered.
13. A webserver development board,based on the ENC28J60 and the PSoC3

Thats the rough plan of posts and projects after I get my harddisk back.


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  2. Hi Kartik,

    Try to implement standard FAT32 library for the SD card interface. This will make it more universal.