Sunday, November 20, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Redone

Even though it was good and all,I wasnt satisfied with the initial design.And the power section in my opinion was just rubbish.I ripped up the whole PCB,and started designing from scratch,adding a few things here and there.

Notable inclusions are that of a watch crystal(for the RTC) and a 24Mhz crystal for the chip.I've also taken care this time around to make it breadboard pluginable and done some tighter placement.Final board dimensions are at 2.1"x2.2",from the previously 3x3,so thats good.

I spent a lot of time trying to think of some simple power setups for this board which would be foolproof.Trying to implement my lofty goals,I realized that the routing was getting really messy.So in the end,just went with a simple one, 5V,3.3V select and 3.3V source(USB or DC IN) select.So yeah,you cant run the board off a DC supply at 5V.I could've added a pin or something to allow that,but I don't want unregulated input to the board.(adding another regulator was getting messy)Thats just shabby design.Actually,there is a way to have unregulated input with this board too,just connect the +ve to the central pin on the logic level select jumper,and tie the grounds,ofcourse.

So heres what it looks like

 click for a full size version

Just an after thought,I could probably add a receptacle for a 16x2 LCD too.But then those are usually only good for 5V.

I have a few more cosmetic changes planned,so will do those and post the files soon.

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