Thursday, October 6, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - More changes

 click the image for a full size version
Heres the latest view of the PCB.Many changes from the previous version,which I'll quickly list.
-Removed the external DC jack.
-Removed zero ohm resistors,and added solder jumpers(from SparkFun's eagle library).
-Added the ground plane,which is of the "GND" net.(GND net is the USB's ground,shorted with the VSSA and VDDA using a solder jumper.)
-Changed the type of USB connector,since I had a bad experience with a miniusb one.Too small to comfortably solder,with an thick iron like mine.

And yeah,I've decided on a name - "EzPSoC3".

I'm still waiting for confirmation from Cypress on the ground plane placement,but other than that,it seems ready :)

Drop a line in the comments if youre interested in the PCB files.

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