Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PSoC3 Custom Board - Almost ready!

After my tests,I've finally got a chance to devote some more time to this project,so heres the result:
 click the image for a full size version

 I would like to thank Phillip Radner for his help and contribution to the design.

-Added the top layer copper fill,connected to the GND net,
-Added test points for all the important voltage levels on the board,
-Fixed the silkscreen and added the OSHW logo :)
-Ran the ERC and DRC,and fixed all errors that came up.I used the sparkfun DRU for that.
-Minor placement shifts and such.

I should probably add extra vias between the 2 layers.

Drop a line in the comments if youre interested in the latest PCB files.

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