Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interfacing a Nokia 1110 LCD to the PSoC3

UPDATE  6-Mar-13: The LCD mysteriously stopped working and the backlight also doesnt work anymore.I tried to *gently* pry the backlight PCB from the screen,but ended up damaging the flex cable in between.Arrgh.So thats useless now.

I'm going to try and write & document my work more often from now on.Anyway,getting on with the post,

So the idea here is to develop a custom component for a Nokia 1110 LCD I purchased recently.

As for the hardware,I planned to etch a breakout board,but the fine pitched connector leads stalled execution.

The software part,is basically a form of 9bit SPI.Now,I could use the SPIM component in PSoC Creator,but I'll take this chance to write a custom component where the 9bit shifting will be done via a small verilog module.(If you have a PSoC3/5,and you bitbang,you have sinned.So no bitbang.)

After some googling,I think the LCD I have is 96x65,and uses the PCF8814[pdf datasheet] controller,which does support I2C,but when used with these LCDs,does not have those pins broken out)

Also,theres the whole issue of a backlight,but I'll look into designing the backlight driver later.

I'll start by wiring up the LCD to my trusty PSoC board,according to the pinout below:

 With that done,I'll maybe test it by running some init routines,and then detail that effort in Part-2 of this post. :)

PS:I'm not entirely sure if I have the 1110 LCD or the 3310 LCD.I'll try some code and let you guys know.

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