Monday, June 11, 2012

SD Card based bootloader - PSoC 3 : Part 3

Sorry for the long gap in posting the final part of this series.I had the code nailed down,but something or the other pushed this post further into the future.

Anyway,so I wont dawdle more on this,and the parsing code is pretty straightforward.We've already looked at the format of the CYACD file in Part 1, and you can find the same info described in appnote AN60317 (page 11).Pull the code to have a look at it. :-)

This is intended only to be a proof of concept.The code still needs a lot of work,and there are quite a few important points left out.
1. It does not check if the SiliconID and Silicon Revision of the chip match those of the cyacd file.
2.It does not implement any kind of error checking or verification using the checksum.
3.It does not erase flash before programming the flash with the data from the CYACD file.

Though this has been used with only PSoC3,it is easily possible to port this to PSoC5 as well.

This has been tested with CY8CKIT-030,Creator 2.0(with Component Pack 3) and the microSD module from

You can find the code on my github page here:

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