Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SD Card based bootloader - PSoC 3 : Part 2

So here is the second part of this exploration.

The workflow I've planned is:
1.Get SD Card Reading working.
2.Write functions to convert ASCII->Hex and process that data into a useable form.
3.Take a stock USB Bootloader,and add this functionality to it,which could be invoked by the presence of an SD card,or any other desired stimulus.

So,the SD card thing.Its all very well described in the component datasheet(right click on the component after placing it on the top design canvas) and between that datasheet and its example project,you really dont need a "tutorial".However,would really like to emphasize how easily and quickly one can be to interface an SD card with the PSoC3.Do refer to page 5 of the datasheet(PDF) since they have it in detail there.

What you'll need is the actual emFile Library,from here(4MB Zip File.) Check out the example project for the component.What I did was,I added the emFile Library to the example project for the component,and then set the pin assignments and programmed the PSoC3 with it.On the hardware side,I used a MicroSD module from embeddedmarket.com.Neat little board.(You can read my review here.)

MicroSD card module from www.embeddedmarket.com

The emFile documentation (inside that zip file.) details the API functions with examples and all,so its really easy to understand them.

It took me all of 5minutes to get SD read-writes going.Yes,just 5.

SD Card Interfacing with the PSoC3.

PSoC Rocks.

Part 3 will deal with the reading and parsing of CYACD files concludes this series,and is now posted!

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