Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recognize this LCD

So I happened to salvage a Color LCD from an old mobile phone,and here are some pics of it.I havent been able to get some information on it,with regards to pin-out,controller or much else,except that its a Sharp TFT LCD.
See if you can recognize it from these pics.
Oh yeah.

2 10pin connectors,hmm.And that LM14SGFNZ28 ?


So I headed over to the Sharp Microelectronics page,looking at the LCDs listed,I couldnt match this LM14SGFNZ28 with any listed on their LCD page.

Lets see if I can dig up more info.Leave a line in the comments if you know something I dont about this.

Eager to give interfacing this a shot.

Update 6-Jun-2012 : I've been able to track some brief service manual for the phone from which I salvaged it from.It describes the LCD as "LCD,96 X 64,4K CSTN,1.4" ACTIVE,SHARP".The service doc is linked here.[PDF]

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